Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to snag an awesome luxury suite for less

So while my poor little blog has been dead for a while now, I've been traveling the world a bit and logging it in my new blog The Good Life. Yep, life has been good.

Anyway, here are some hacks when you need to book a suite, in fact sometime a really nice luxury suite on a budget.

  • Book in advance to save more. You can even negotiate with the hotel when you book in advance. If you're booking via OTA, you might save right away. 
  • Plan your stay during the off-season. For eg: You can save on a nice suite if you visit Las Vegas during mid-week or late summer. It’s hot though - temperatures can sore up to 90F and above, but it's cheap.
  • Don't just straight away log onto the hotel's website and be disheartened when you see most of the really sweet suites aren't available online. Third party websites might be able to get you one, and sometimes at a better rate. Try Expedia, or Booking.Com. In fact, there's a new website, that's just for suites. Most of them offer a best price guarantee, and so you get the lowest price. 
  • Book a suite if you’re traveling in a group. You save a whole lot because not only do you get all that extra space that you can fill with roll-away beds or sofa beds, you also get multiple rooms for added privacy. 
  • In fact, connecting rooms are the best way to go. You might be able to get a 2-bedroom suite with 3 real beds (plus extra beds) for around $100 average per night per person at a 4 star hotel in Las Vegas. I promise you, I know for sure this to be true. 
I hope these hacks help you! The sure did work for me on my trip to Vegas and New York!
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