Thursday, July 5, 2012

Accidental Adventurist

Friend 1: She has gone rock climbing, river rafting, bungee jumping. Divya, what have YOU done?

Thought bubble over my head:
- Chased by a giant, one-eyed, thawb clad Arabian guy? Check.
- Been yelled at by a drunk cross dresser for no apparent reason and then almost been thrown a stone at by him.. err.. her. Check.
- Been approached by a random stranger with a cheesy, worn out old line- you look like my long lost girlfriend, are you her sister/cousin/relative/ghost? Check. Seriously,in THIS decade, check!
- Tumbled down a foot-over-bridge in a crowded railway station and then stopping only because the cause of halt was my leg ramming into an old man's ass and then yelled at in a language I don't understand. Check.

I don't have to DO anything. Weird things just happen to me.

Update on 20th Sept:

You know how some people are just born with a lightning bolt hanging over their heads? No? Well, welcome to my world.

I fell.. AGAIN. No big surprise I know. I mean, what do you expect from someone who just has to take up any dare thrown her way and just HAS to prove to the world that she is stupid enough to run up an escalator that comes down? 
I had to convince my doctor that I am indeed doing my MBA and contrary to popular opinion, such dumbness is a common trait everywhere. 

So this year's fall is over and I managed to not get myself too hurt this time. A few stitches on the knee, a limp in my walk and I'm good for now. Except that everyone knows how I fell and well, it doesn't take much to get me embarrassed in public now. Someone even  suggested that I be tied up, lest I should climb up and fall from a tree next. Sigh.