Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Memorial in White Marble

The sun it shines upon you;
your marbled face, your still eyes.
You smile upon us; beautiful
calm, young and lovely your face
and you smile a happy smile.

The darkness fell in the empty alley.
You slept in peace, you dreamt
a dream of love and beauty.
A noise it sounded, loud and that light;
a light so bright, oh the fire and smoke.

And they built you, your marbled face;
the dream still in your eyes, and that smile,
the smile so happy, that lasted only a while
before the life like marble doll replaced
the life in you, O unfortunate innocence.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Thus ends 2008. And I'm happy.
I've hated 2008 for a lot of reasons.
Loved it only cuz college ended. But that had it's drawbacks too, now I realize. surpsisingly, I miss college now. Certain aspects at least.
I miss so many ppl. I miss friends, I miss ppl who were more than friends. I miss so much that 2008 took away from me. And sometimes I hate myself for letting it be so.
I hate the MBA craze. I hate CAT, I hate myself for screwing up CAT.
I want to do something worthwhile in life, make my parents proud and getting a B.E. degree from lousy Jeppiaar college doesn't count in the least.
As for a job, bloody CTS ain't showing any signs of calling anytime soon :( 
I hope 2009 holds something good for me.
I hope I never have to part with my friends. I hope I make a lot of new friends. I hope I do something to make me proud of myself.
I'll miss Swati. She will leave one day. I love her a lot, she's the bestest best friend.
I'll miss Rohit if I have to leave Chennai. I love him like crazy. He's the perfect brother best friend (and people think he is my boyfriend too sometimes! haha!). He is the person I care for and love the most in this world (and Unni too!)
I already miss Brindha, and the way she used to pamper me and snub me at the same time. She was like the sister I never had. She's an amazing person. Love her.
And there are the others too.
There are a lot of things I wish I could change, but I know whatever happened was for the best, so I guess I'll do nothing about it.
As for the rest, whatever has to be, will be. 
Goodbye 2008. 
Happy New Year 2009, all!! :)