Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Lauril

Perched atop Mariner’s hill,
is a house named Old Lauril.
Creaky doors and rickety stairs,
the walls have bricks popping out in pairs.
The roof is cracked, the fences hacked,
the curtains are torn, ruined and ragged.

When the wind whoosh by, the windows clatter,
the glass comes down to the ground and shatter.
The front door garden is dry and pale,
once fragrant flowers now are frail.
In the moonlight, scary and bright,
Old Lauril is such a fright!

Spirited, ghostly, cursed and haunted,
with names as such the house is taunted.
But old man Billy, toothless and bowed,
loves Old Lauril as he always told.
“It ain’t no haunted,” he would often say,
“Old Lauril was not always that way.”

“Its walls were painted peacefully white.
The front rose garden was such a merry sight.
The light breeze as it swept a by
tickled the curtains and made them fly.
Gleaming, it stood in the morning sun
and the neighbours gloated, one by one.

But the joy and happiness of Old Lauril lay
in the man and his bride who, there, used to stay.
Graceful and lovingly, her every touch,
brightened Old Lauril ever so much!
He, with his affection and manly hard work
made Old Lauril so perfect and perk.

Together they made a home in the house,
until, alas! hard times arouse.
The army was prepared, the borders surrounded,
the war had begun and the alarm sounded.
The man so left, and his bride was alone.
Days crawled by but no one came home.

No letter, no news, nothing at all,
as his bride waited from dawn to nightfall.
Weeks and months; the war had long ended,
so did the hopes, which, on it, depended.
And not long before, his bride did leave,
Old Lauril was deserted- ‘twas hard to believe.”

“And now it stands”, said he, wiping a tear,
“all in ruins and utmost fear.
‘Twas such a fine house”, he said with a frown.
“Can’t believe it’ll be torn down”!
Yes, indeed his words are true,
Old Lauril’s days are finally through.

“Me loved it like the angels above,
in it, lived my lady love.”
As he said so he had a last view
of Old Lauril- “Ah! such houses are few.”
That very day was Old Lauril’s last,
as it stood there, quietly narrating its past.

Passed a month, now Mariner’s hill
looked bald and barren without Old Lauril.
But old man Billy, still toothless and bowed
Loved old Lauril as he always told,
“Perched atop Mariner’s hill
was a house named Old Lauril.”


kaushik said...

good lord..!! impressive portray de..!! there is always some kinda suspense n thrill with the way u write so the reader only gets curious n wud wanna continue reading..tats important..!! u hav got something in u da..!! i stress u gotta get a lil more serious abt writing..spend more time cuz altough u know how to play with words n clearly have good sense of expression ,the way u present can get better n better only with writing..n for the knowledge u seem to posses the time u spend is not enof..!! :|
naiceee divyaaa..:)

Divya said...

thanks kaush :) had written this one long back... lol my english teacher didn't like the fact that i used english names... she wanted me to use names like ramu and shamu instead of old man billy :P she did have a point!
and about serious writing.. ive thought about it too.. where's the time??! :P
but thanks a lot for the support :)
means a hell lot..

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Gosh dat was spooky!:o n i seriously am runnin outta adjectives...u seem 2 b uppin de ante wid every post :| n dis wud've given t.s eliot quite a few sleepless nights! :)
oh n yea,dis reminded me of 1 of my most favourite poems from high school...'twas abt a certain abbot of aberbrothok...heard of it by any chance?
n btw i'd b honored if thee wud grace my blog wid thy presence! :)

Govind said...

i had read poem a long time back(when you had just written it) usual its a great one and i just hope u continue writting such gr8 poems...

Divya said...

@ arvind
just went thru the inchcape rock (abbot of aberbrothok)... if i can ever end up writing like that, the 'initial stages of support' credit goes to you! thanks :)
and i commented on your blog :)

thanks maanu :) i will try!

Bittu's Blog said...

donkey!! unlike other donkeys, this one writes!! and she is wow at it :)

hence once again the question!! why engineering???????????? :P

Raghuveeran said...

Your blog perched at the top'f ma bookmark list,
with "Old Lauril"; A melodramatic version'f essence within yourself...

btw hopped into ur blog as BALASUBRAMANIAM gave me the link...

good writeup...

Divya said...

why engineering??? haven't we all been asking this question to ourselves/each other for the past 4 years! more than that... why jeppiaar??! :P

thanks! do visit again :)
and bala sent me the link to yours too... have bookmarked it.. as of now... exams :(

Yuppie said...

That was seriously good. It has the right amount of emotions about tearing down a house which has stood for long.

Divya said...

thank you :)