Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The soul dissolves in despair.
The darkness becomes me.
Hiding away from the light of the world,
waiting demons to break my shackles free.

Solitude never felt sweeter
as the vapours of vengeance flow.
O spirits above, help thine sister,
deliver her soul free to let go.

If you thought you could just walk out;
crush past days beneath your feet.
I’ll do your beliefs wrong;
guide you to your defeat.

May your grief keep you company
whilst you try to undo the wrongs.
But the doom of past engulfs you;
as your cries drown with the night songs.

And then the night seems silent.
It whispers summons to early dawn.
I lie beneath the dousing stars;
my soul redeemed, my sores long gone.


Anonymous said...

very nice post...nalla words... ee blogine blogroll cheydote??

Divya said...

thanks! sure :) why would i say no to that??!

The soul: said...

just saw the update..nice of those which are very close to the heart and others will certainly see it in a different light than you..keep up the good work!!

Divya said...

thanks!! but hey, im not hinting at anyone i know, dead or alive :P

Anonymous said...

hey thank u divya... no new posts?? was expecting to see more of ur works...!! :)

RiverSoul said...

Wow. . .you are am amazing poetess. The dark theme of your poem is not lost on me. Wonderfull. As much as i read ur blog, i see similarities.

Your blog looks pretty good, and we both use the same template.
Even our themes of poems are kind of similar.
Do visit my blog. I Await your comment.
And i hope you dont mind me blogrolling you.
Keep up the good work.

Divya said...

@ vinay
yeah.. have been a little bogged down with this and that of late.. will post something soon :)

@ river soul
thanks a bunch! no problem with the blog rolling, dont mind if i do the same!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Awesome weaving of words!

Beautiful piece of poetry.

Divya said...

thank you sameera :) do visit again!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant lines.
Stunning again! :-) :-D

Divya said...

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

i have tagged you divya...

Madurai citizen said...

Nice one!
Awesome weaving of words!
Beautiful piece of poetry!
keep up the good work!!

Divya said...

thank you madurai citizen :)

Anonymous said...

thanks divya... sure... take ur time with the tag :)

do comment on my posts when u get time...!!

Rajesh said...

Lovely words....romba romba romba nalla irundhudhu :) ...I love reading poems althou I'm bad at writing the same.. keep blogging

Divya said...

romba romba romba nandri rajesh :) i will!

Kartz said...

Wonderfully indited around the theme...