Monday, June 29, 2009

4 myths you were taught as a child: Busted!

Hello! Nice day, eh? Splendid indeed yeah.
Remember those sweet nice things you heard as a child that made you believe the world was a wonderful place? Things your parents/grandparents/forefathers/old wise guy of your family talked about? Well, you know what? I'd like to punch whoever it is who came up with all that shit load of crap so hard in the nose that it comes out of his/her butt hole.
1> Hard work pays: Wrong. If you're lucky; born with that lucky line on your palm your palmist talked about, you win. Else you're a goner.
2> Good things come to those who wait: NO. They don't. People who wait just get squished by people who don't. Or they end up being 40 and single. (No dearie, that's not a good thing!)
3> Nice things happen to nice people: Wrong again. Nice people waste time being nice and miss out on all the fun. So stop being such a pansy, take a deep breath and say fuck off to the next guy who jumps the queue.
4> Everything happens for the good: Ha! I don't even know how this one stood the test of times! God save the next person who quotes this to me :|

No offense to anyone, I don't intend to prove anyone wrong. I'm just thinking aloud. And I'm happy blogging about it. Cuz my parents have definitely had enough of all this gyaan from me.


Rakesh said...

hey divs...nioe to see u back..
when its comes to these sayings i feel for me it has come true in some cases and otherwise in others....

its just that in today's world we have to take these sayin with a pink of salt....

muZer.. :-) said...

Whewww.. sumone has a killer instinct today.. :-)

yeaa, sumtimes none of these statements make sense .. n sumtimes u change thm according to ur convenience ! :-)

gud to c u blog,, Divya.. :-)

d gypsy! said...

thank god, m neither nice nor do i have a lot of patience... :P

palani said...
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palani said...

atlast div is back...!!! :) thanks for the update div :)

and you have exactly written how i feel these days.. jus like u

:( i hate it!! but i love this blog ;)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

lol yeah!!! the waiting part, yeah, the one who dont wait get the nice stuff and the ones who do, get the leftovers :)

Divya said...

@ rakesh
it's nice to be back too.. :)
yeah well, i might change opinions when things get better, if it ever will but still, all those saying just don't make any sense anymore.

Divya said...

@ muZer
haha! yes yes indeed.. i'm just in this place now :|

Divya said...

@ d gypsy
lol! good for you ;)

Divya said...

@ palani
thanks buddy :)
i know.. most of us are going through this.. and well, just seems to get worse by the day :(

Divya said...

@ harini
right said babe!

Sarath said...

what happened maam??? nice to see u back, that too with so much attitude.

Mysterious Mia said...

1> Hard work pays: Work smart not hard

2> Good things come to those who wait: no u have to make things happen u cant just wait for em to happen

3> Nice things happen to nice people: if it was so the world wud have been a better place to live inne?

4> Everything happens for the good: i do quite believe in this cos i guess we dont really realise it at that point in time why is it happening....its only later we realise that yes everything that happened was for good....

btw all of these r from my personal experiences

take it easy gal....hugs

Cяystal said...

I very much agree with the last one you seem killer aaj..hua kya??..maar padi? ..kiddin'!
(em scared ki gussa mere par haavi na ho jaaye!)

My life is my lesson! said...

Hi Divya,

I guess this is my first comment in your blog.
Its been very good, i should say this. :)
This post of yours, i got mixed reactions.
Hard work definitely pays, but there again it takes the time factor as well. So patience is the key when it comes to hard work.
Now the luck factor, with luck you tend to be impatient.:)
Nice things don't happen to nice people, i accept.. :)
Everything does happen for the good, its just that patience is the key here again. :)

This is just my part of your blog, my opinion.

Keep Blogging Divya!!!

Divya said...

@ sarath
well.. so much has happened, i don't know where to start!

Divya said...

@ Mia
:) well, i'd like to believe in everything you say.. but it's sooo hard!

Divya said...

@ aayushi
haha! don't ask honey.. i'd only like to say i'm wating for my real life to begin.

Divya said...

@ my life is my lesson
thanks for that :) i see nobody agrees with nice things happen to nice ppl.. i like :P

Swati said...

bang on babe..mera next post is pretty much the same..wait and watch..lousy lines..meant ONLY for cheap consolation :|

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

true..true..yippie..cheers..n hey im bak from oblivion yippieeeee

Jack said...


Nice to see you back with a BANG. I agree with you on 2 & 3 absolutely. For 1 I would like to add " Intelligent hard work pays, be a horse and not a mule. Know when to sprint and when to go on easy pace." And for 4 I would say that what is the gain by fretting and pulling your hair if things have gone wrong, so might as well console yourself by thinking that everything is for one's good.

Take care

PS : Hope to have your views in my space.

harish said...

All the four things you just mentioned have a master switch called Intent. When you do an analysis of any failure you will almost certainly hit upon one thing, real lack of intent or an intent similar to our successive Indian governments in their effort to improve the life of fellow Indians. If your intent is wrong, you can actually smell it. Sometimes, when we embark on something, we can almost feel that something about it is not right. i am talking about that feeling.