Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My first tag so obviously I can’t refuse… then again what good is that blogger who hasn’t been tagged once :P

8 things I am most passionate about:
I am not using passionate in the true sense of the word here, because then I don’t think I’d be able to come up with 8 things. So I’m taking the liberty to use the word in a way that suits me :P
8 things I absolutely LOVE!

1. My cell phone! That’s my most prized possession ;)
2. Music. At least half an hour of music a day is a must. And arbitrarily it always happens. I have an assorted list of favorite tracks; Genre ranging from Carnatic to alt rock.
3. My family: My everything. I am blessed with the best parents a child can ask for and a brother, whose birth is one of the best things that has happened to me.
4. My friends: without them, I am lost; and not to mention in deep shit! (Sometimes that happens BECAUSE of them too :P)
5. Writing… I like to pen down anything and everything that comes to mind. Sometimes I complete the thoughts into a story or poem; sometimes they are left mid way.
6. Chocolate! I LOVE chocolate! (Of course I will have to mention pizza, Frankie, kebabs, tandoori, sambhar, avial, etc etc.. but then the list would never end!)
7. My room. Sounds a bit weird I know but there’s no place in the whole world that I love better than my own room.
8. My hair. Call me self obsessed if you will but that’s the one thing that I LOVE about myself.

8 things I wanna do b4 I die:
I hope I’m allowed to be imaginative here!

1. Meet Norah Jones. I worship her! And I know this sounds far fetched but I do wish I could record a song with her :D
2. Write a book. Of course, a book that people would buy, read and love.
3. Get married. I sure am not going to die before I hear the bells! NO not the ones in my head :|
4. Be able to eat whatever- chocolate, pizza, ice cream and all the lovely delicious things one can think of- without even an ounce of guilt. Of course that’s the catch!
5. Work with an NGO
6. Learn to play the piano.
7. Learn belly dancing :P sexy?? I think so!!
8. Reach that phase of life where I know I’m as happy and content as I can ever be. That is, to be able to say that I’m happy and there is nothing in the whole universe, the attainment of which can possibly make me happier.

8 things I say often:

1. “Git!”: Yep! The days of stupid and idiot are over. My favourite pet name for anyone who acts stupid or anyone who annoys me, in the adorable sense of the word of course!
2.“Bleh”… mostly a filler word that I use when I’m out of adjectives or when I’m unable to make a point or just want to say.. ‘Oh shut up!’ without being too rude
3. “Eh?”…my version of ‘what?’ its beautifully rustic tone irritates the living soul out of most of my friends and my dad. Oh what fun!
4. “Bloody ~ ”… if someone asked me to define bloody, I wouldn’t be able to. I use bloody when I’m angry, sad or happy. As in “bloody! That’s a bloody good movie!” or “bloody what shit yaar! Reservation my ass”, etc etc etc…
5. “Duh!” Homer Simpson is a genius!
6. “Oye!’ – Yo is passé… the new and trendy ‘Oye!’ is in. Oye balle balle!
7. “why am I so stupid/fat/dumb/clumsy/weird/….??” And I wonder why my friends call me a whiny ass.
8. “Oye! Mere baal theek hai kya?” yes yes I can be overly obsessed with my hair.

8 books I last read:

1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
2. A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini
3. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin sharma
4. Who moved my cheese? Spencer Johnson
5. The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh
6. To kill a mocking bird by Harper lee
7. Laughing gas by P.G.Wodehouse
8. The entire Calvin and Hobbes collection…I’m running out of books, so!

8 songs I listen to over and over again:
This is the toughest… am just picking 8 songs at random.

1. River by Joni Mitchell
2. Broken by Norah Jones
3. Ksheera Sagara as sung by Padmasree K J Yesudas
4. Amsterdam by Coldplay
5. Those sweet words by Norah Jones
6. Fool on the hill by The Beatles
7. She’s leaving home by the Beatles
8. Everything’s not lost by Coldplay

And now I pass on this tag to:
1.Rohit Ramachandran… The next best thing to chocolate and Harry potter!
2.Swati Saha… Monk-ey >:D< my emoticon twin :P my partner in crime and otherwise. My soul mate, had she been a guy. My best friend.
3.Madhav.. The NCC cadet. A brother to me. Damn, he looks nice :(
4.Arvind.. I know he hates tags but I cant leave him out :D plus its not mandatory anyway :P
5. Riversoul: the beautiful poet.


Think Tank said...

oh gr8 ..u havn't been tagged by d unspectacular habit tag yet ..wait 4 it :)

Trinaa said...

ahhhh..got tagged too..but by a different one :))

Divya said...

@ think tank
oh dear :( that sounds tricky..this one was tough enough :P reminded me of those slam books from school, which had long questionnaires.. never knew what to fill :(

@ trinaa...
:) yay! am part of the club now ;)

RiverSoul said...

Hey Divya,
I'm honoured to be tagged . .. . .
Er. . . Whats a tag? I've got to answer the questions you hav in this post is it?
Kindly explain it to poor old me, coz this is my first tag...
Best if you explain it to me via an email
And thanks for calling me a beautifull poet:)
I hope i deserve such high praise. . . .

The Soul: said...


Think Tank said...

tagged again ;)

Divya said...

@ riversoul
replied on your blog. yep! you're good :)

Divya said...

tu nahi hoti toh mera kya hota aye meri siamese twin :P >:D<

Divya said...

@think tank
oh no :(
lol... ok wont be a whiny ass.. will post it soon!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I could so relate to your passions(things you love rather!)

May all your wishes come true :)

P.S. Thanks for blogrolling me,you are blogrolled too!

Divya said...

thank you sameera :)

Anonymous said...

oh...i find lot of commonalities in the tag...!!

i tght i'd commented...my mistake...!!

anyways...wish u a happy friendship day...

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Not mandatory? I like eet :p

Divya said...

@ vinay
thanks.. wish you the same

that was a mistake!!

peter said...

umm ...several choices are same i can see !

gunj said...

neat tag! a fun read!:)

Divya said...

@ peter..
i can imagine.. im sure 'cell phone' is top on everyone's list :D

@ gunj
thank you :)

Trinaa said...

u hv been blogrolled :))

Divya said...

= )

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

No updates? :)

Divya said...

yes i know.. its been long.. but am busy with CAT preparations... got simcats every sunday.. life after engg sucks :( will post something soon.. i hope!


hey! had i not discovered you in the virtual world, i would never have known that there was someone else who thought so much like me. o we could be friends, you know. cheers to blogging!

Divya said...

lol!!! yes yes we can be friends indeed :) cheers!!