Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The unspectacular quirk tag! tadaaa!!

I've been tagged again. And since I am at a loss of inspiration and cuz I’m busy with CAT preparations and endless mock CATs, to post anything, I thought I might as well complete this task. Yep, some task indeed!

Here is the Unspectacular Quirk tag (copied from my tagger):

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged.

1:have a very annoying habit of saying 'touch wood' every time I say something nice about something or someone. Yes I know, it’s very childish and at my age, people think I’m stupid to use it. I do hope I give it up soon. Touch wood.
2:... scared to go for a haircut. It’s always at least a week after I first decide that it’s time for a haircut that I actually turn up at the parlour. And an hour prior to leaving, I would’ve messaged and called around 3 to 4 friends of mine asking if they thought it was better I got a haircut done then or later. I actually feel my stomach churning when I sit on the chair and the parlour lady goes chop-chop while I think... oh dear god please let her not mess up :(
3: I feel drowsy when someone strokes my hair... and it’s not just mildly drowsy... I sleep off! It’s enough if someone happened to stroke my hair for more than maybe 10 minutes to put me to sleep. Now THIS, my friends, I believe is incredibly strange (like something out of a jataka fable where the mighty and cruel lion is tamed by stroking its mane?). Anyone who shares this weird one?
4: ...scared of crossing roads. Every time I successfully cross a busy road, I say a small thank you to God. Yes very evidently, I don’t know how to drive, trust me, I’ve tried! But I have this mortal fear of roads and moving vehicles; I never showed much progress and then my teacher (my darling brother) gave up on me. After all, who would want the embarrassment of having to teach someone who goes 'oh god oh god oh gaaaawwwwd', every time she started the scooty.
5: ...obsessed with losing weight. That, neither makes me a great looker nor do I have perfect vital statistics (oh... faaar from that!) but yes I’m very finicky about putting on weight. So I’m always trying hard to control my gorging tendencies (trying being the highlighted word here). All this when I simply LOVE food! It’s so cruel and unfair... sob :'( but the problem is I hate doing it and so I crib and cry and piss off everyone around me when I have to refrain from having a pizza slice or a scoop of chocolate ice cream :( and of course, the people who suffer the most by all this are my friends and family, them being at the receiving end of my 'oh no... mein phir se moti ho gayi' rants.
6:... hate taking tablets. Even b-complex capsules for that matter.
Voila! I’ve said it all! And I thought I’d never be able to finish this one…
So well, the honoured tagged list is:
gunj, sameera, riversoul, bhai with chai, vinay, arvind (this time it IS mandatory arvind!)


RiverSoul said...

Hey Divya:)
I've already done that tag
Thanx for tagging me anyway:)
So sweet of ya:)
Here's the link to my tag post.
Do visit and komment :)

Now, abt your 10 minutes-sleep inducing-head rub quirk,
Its not totally unheard of.
I dont know if you are familiar with this, but i saw a show in discovery, which enlightened me at the sleep-like state SHARKS go into, immediately, if someone has the guts to rub their pointed noses.
Now THATS wierd. Hee hee.
And its true.
I'm not joking.

RiverSoul said...

And now i return with proof:)
Check THIS out:)
Check the osum video.
You'll be amazed.

gunj said...

i cant believe this, i wanna same pinch u for all those quirks!!
i hav all of those!!
n thanks fo tagging me but i think i shud copy urs...aftr all i am no diffrnt :D

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Nice tag dear,cute quirks!Sorry but I already did it long back :(


Good luck for the CAT :)

Rajesh said...

Hi DIvya
Visiting here the first time...nice tag...

Well...even I hate tablets and crossing road...

P.S: all the very best for CAT...mee too writing CAT...mock CATs at IMS.. anyways do visit my blog...hope u lik it..awaiting ur visit

Trinaa said...

scared to go for a haircut?? :o :o
everybody around me lives in mortal fear of me showing up with a new hair-style d next time they see me!!

n same pinch ..m obssessed with losing wght too!!

Swati said...

OMG i completely forgot abt the haircut thing..god! trust me ppl..she can drive you nuts..and LIAr..its not a week before u finally act on ur decision of getting a haircut..it always takes you over a MONTH to drag your ass outta your house and warm the salon's chair :P

and driving!! i don't think she'll EVER learn how to drive..she twitches and turns even as a pillion rider!!! :O :O :O

Anonymous said...

thank u divya... for taggin me...!!

but already done that one...!!


and same pinch on the 5th quirk...!! :)

Divya said...

@ everybody

:O most of you have done this already!! :( ohhh cwap :(

Divya said...

@ riversoul
:O :O no noooo!!! i saw the video... naheee..i am not a monster! :P

i actually like it when someone volunteers to stroke my hair! :D

Divya said...

@ gunj..
hehe... same pinch pinch!!!! kya hum kumbh ke mele mein bichde hue behen hai???? :P
and oh no you dont... you've been tagged... u take it up now! :D :D

Divya said...

@ sameera
thanks :) and thanks for the wishes! i desperately need it :(

@ rajesh
thanks for visiting :) yeah i give the ims simcats too... and all the best to you too! will surely visit ur blog :)

Divya said...

@ trinaa
hehe... yeah i read that in one of your tag posts... see u've met ur opposite twin :P
btw,.. love your new photo :)

Divya said...

@ swati
some best friend you are... mere liye acha socho.. kya pata i miraculously wake up one morning and start the scooty and vrrrooom vrrroom :) off i go!
aaarghh.. okay so im a little too fussy about my hair.. hey! that's the one thing i love about me... i'm losing it with a hair cut anyway :( that's tragic enough :( sob sob :(

Divya said...

@ vinay

you dunnit too? :( drat!!
and quirk 5 is common to a lotta ppl eh? oh good :) im not alone in the weight losing frenzy.. i feel good now :P

Comfortably Numb said...

I'm not into tags that much. But then its always fun to read a few things about someone you dont even know :)


Divya said...

i agree! specially when you realize there are so many things people have in common!

Anonymous said...

tag u r it...!!