Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Impromptu

'Bitch', he called her
and she reeled around in shock.
'You fucking bitch', he shouted
and she kept staring at his hollow soul.

'you don't know anything', he screamed
and she wondered what he meant.
had she not shown enough care?
what bout all convictions she had bent?

she knew he had loved her.
respected him she had too.
but she had warned him it wasn't forever,
he knew it all too well, didn't he?

then why the drama now she wondered
she had made everything clear
she was trying her best to cope with
all the mess created in blithe.

or blithe she thinks it was
and had turned out not too pretty.
but she had not been a fake or phony
for him to be at her mercy.

she had not hid what was true from him.
he had run away from what he knew was true.
and after all they've been through,
he blames her for all his hurt.

true she was confused;
she is all but human
wasn't he confused too when
he said it was all off hand?

but he was in love; never once casual;
and lied to her to pacify her fear
can she call him a liar? she can!
but the world sees her as the whore.

free will she said and she meant the same
free will for him to decide his stance.
he chose to go ahead her way
a no looking back, no strings attached way.

his options were clear, enjoyed every moment
and so did she; he became most important.
but separation, it did beckon as predicted
and he couldn't bear her loss, he was addicted.

can she blame him? no she can't!
he was in love; can that be helped?
who can blame one in love?
the world sees him as a saint.

can he blame her? no he can't!
she warned him of what was to come.
but is that good enough? they ask.
maybe not; after all he was in love!

and so it settles, she, crowned the bitch.
yes she was true but not true enough.
yes she had constraints; not good enough.
and as she cries in haunted disbelief,
'Fucking bitch' he shouts once again.

pic courtesy: picasa web albums-esther


RiverSoul said...

A very convictive work.
The words portray the true intent, Divya,
Very well written.
Sounds like betrayal and unreciprocated love. Thats what no-strings-attached-affairs lead to.
Well done Divya

Ladybird said...

Hi, poet. Thanks for the comment in mine.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was so painful!Very well depicted,the picture behind many a closed door.

Good work!

Anonymous said...

that was paintful and convictive...
nicely worded...!
oh n i never noticed the award... congratulations... u deserve it...!! :)

gunj said...

nobody can b blamed in love!!

Trinaa said...

shiiiiiiittt... all poets around me :((

ohhhh me rhyme too!!

RiverSoul said...

Blog updated

Vinz aka Vinu said...

penned down beautifully..

those who are in true love cant blame anyone else but themselves...

the pain was depicted nicely..


Divya said...

@ riversoul
thank you. betrayal wasn't the main theme although that is the guy's perspective. but it's always the reader's take!

Divya said...

@ ladybird

no problem!

Divya said...

@ sameera

pain is inevitable isn't it?
and thank you.

Divya said...

@ vinay
thank you... and thank you again!

Divya said...

@ gunj

yes that is so true... but people do end up blaming the other just to feel better don't they? which is quite sad cuz when the blame game starts, and as abuses are hurled at the other,all the feelings you've ever felt, all the love and respect that you had until then and all the things you did and words you said when you were in love just vanishes.. and the relevance of all that stands no more..

Divya said...

@ trinaa

why don't you give it a hand? i'm sure you'll do well..

Divya said...

@ vinz

yes... now that is well said indeed! one can blame only oneself.
and thanks!

Think Tank said...

omg..thats so hurtin

d SINNER!!! said...



Nithin Jayan said...

from way i learnt from de trailers of de Matrix Trilogy..."Evrythin dat has a beginning has an end"..hi hi

same wid those divine love affairs dat r destined 2 hav no future...!!!

n yeah in dis ekta kapoor era of tears n 'break-ups' need 2 b eventful..!!!n here's my perception from dat marvellous piece of literature dat u've typed in: wat if de guy was not actually blaming her of betrayal...? true..blaming games r just 'feel good' tools...!!!

if he remained weapin just like de gal@ dat dreaded moment...?

just kiddin k...luvd de post...n ma official HI...u r linked...welcum 2 de party!!!

Divya said...

@ think tank

yes it is!

Divya said...

@ d sinner

yes and true too

Divya said...

@ nitin jayan

i guess I'll have to agree with the matrix motto..
as for your take on the poem, yes it is very much possible that the guy is equally devastated.... he is actually, he was serious after all... and he probably abused her said all that to hurt her out of his own pain and anger and a mix of feelings...agreed. but still, that doesn't give him the right to do all that does it? she is hurt too. she wasn't a schemer.maybe he went too far..

Archana said...

Excellent...This is a very real situation and the way you've described it, it makes one empathize for both the characters which people rarely do..very well written!

Scribblers Inc said...

damn...thats like breakup drama on roadside...great work!

Scribblers Inc.

Divya said...

@ archana
thank you..
keep visiting :)

Divya said...

@ scribbler's inc

i hope u didn't mean like those ekta kapoor soaps :(
thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said...

hey divya...
me starting, a mallu based 5 part short story on my RT blog...
1st part is posted...can u visit and review it? i'd like ur opinion...

Rajesh said...

Beautiful expressiopn of latent thoughts but at the same time painful..m sure it s heart-felt...take care dear..

Divya said...

@ rajesh
yes it is.. thank you rajesh..

Rajesh said...

Sorry dear....will do ur tag very soon...wanted to pen down smthing yesterday...sorry k...will do ur tag next week...take care

Arvind Natarajan said...

as said by others its really very painful, never knew you could be so beautiful with pen n paper :)

but come on girl, nothin ever goes the way we want it move on. LIVE on!

Divya said...

thanks :)

and yep.. you're right!

Sarath said...

very heartfelt poem. U should try writing more poems.

By the way, interesting url for your blog.
a malayali i suppose...

Princess Mia said...

babes soemtimes ppl cannot face reality, thus as such times they wanna run away from reality n play blame games....

well nicely written...i lyke ;)

Divya said...

@ sarath

and yep am a malayali!

Divya said...

@ princess mia

so true.. couldn't have put it better myself...

and thanks :) i lyke that you lyke ;) :P

Sutta said...

Ah! I lou it.

Divya said...

aji thankoo ji!

Princess Mia said...

you have a dedication for ya at
come check it out n make yur dedications. cheers!!

Rajesh said...

Hey Divya...went thru ur tag...i intend doing it today but the thing is...i listen to onmly HINDI and TAMIL don think the answers may come out as well as urs...anyway the choice is urs...u still wan me to do???

Hemanth Potluri said...

its very touching yaar...and painfull..


Think Tank said...

heyy ..waiting 4 d nxt

Anonymous said...

u r featured on my l8st visit, comment and accept...!!

Toonfactory said...


Rajesh said...

hi Divya,'ve done ur tag...u may see...lotsa comedies there..hope u r satisfied :)

Divya said...

@ hemant
thanks :)
keep visiting!

Divya said...

@ think tank

yes yes.. very soon :)

Divya said...

@ vinay

will visit for sure.. asap

Divya said...

@ toonfactory

Anonymous said...

i meant in my poems blog...have given u an award...!! ;)

Scribblers Inc said...

did you know that profile poetry of yours is like way cooler than a lot of trash that I come across??

Scibblers Inc.

Divya said...

@ scribblers inc

lol... geez thanks! i really did think it sounded nonsensical :P

Anonymous said...

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