Thursday, January 1, 2009


Thus ends 2008. And I'm happy.
I've hated 2008 for a lot of reasons.
Loved it only cuz college ended. But that had it's drawbacks too, now I realize. surpsisingly, I miss college now. Certain aspects at least.
I miss so many ppl. I miss friends, I miss ppl who were more than friends. I miss so much that 2008 took away from me. And sometimes I hate myself for letting it be so.
I hate the MBA craze. I hate CAT, I hate myself for screwing up CAT.
I want to do something worthwhile in life, make my parents proud and getting a B.E. degree from lousy Jeppiaar college doesn't count in the least.
As for a job, bloody CTS ain't showing any signs of calling anytime soon :( 
I hope 2009 holds something good for me.
I hope I never have to part with my friends. I hope I make a lot of new friends. I hope I do something to make me proud of myself.
I'll miss Swati. She will leave one day. I love her a lot, she's the bestest best friend.
I'll miss Rohit if I have to leave Chennai. I love him like crazy. He's the perfect brother best friend (and people think he is my boyfriend too sometimes! haha!). He is the person I care for and love the most in this world (and Unni too!)
I already miss Brindha, and the way she used to pamper me and snub me at the same time. She was like the sister I never had. She's an amazing person. Love her.
And there are the others too.
There are a lot of things I wish I could change, but I know whatever happened was for the best, so I guess I'll do nothing about it.
As for the rest, whatever has to be, will be. 
Goodbye 2008. 
Happy New Year 2009, all!! :)


divinediu said...

Happy 2009!!

Richa said...

happy new yr to u too :)


niceguy251 said...


Glad that you liked Birthday card. Wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY YOU GET WHAT YOU DESIRE THIS YEAR.

Life is such that you meet good people and then part. You will definitely make your parents proud.

Take care

Kartz said...
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Kartz said...

You graduated from Jeppiar??? How did you survive there? ;) Or may be I should pose that question to the guys... :D

Jeppiar, MA, ML :P

Anyway, everything happens for a reason. :) Congratulations!

And here's wishing you and all your family a very happy and prosperous 2009.

Peace. Tc. Be well.

ANWESA said...

a happy new year 2 u too!!may this year bring u success n happiness!!

Trinaa said...

happpppppppppy wala new year ji!! :))

Diana said...

Hii Divya...Hav a rocking 2009 yaar....will do the tag soon...Chao

Prason Christopher Robin @ Chriz said...

jeppiar the present day mgr of tamilnadu.. wwe used to talk about jeppiar's english during our college days..

happy 2009

Kartz said...


:D I can quite imagine that jerk stuttering! :P


Pri said...

wish u a happy new year! :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Happy New Year dear!Have a fulfilling 2009 :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Wishing you a very happy new year. Your blog is very nice. Can you give me the link to the labels gadget in your blog? ?

Lena said...

hello, divvi asked me to tell you her new url. it is
if possible, do delete this comment after reading :)

thanks, take care :)

Rakesh said...

hey happy new year

Swati said...

strange..i was thinking about the exact same thing today evening..i'll miss you donkey :'( i love you so much..umma :)

अविनाश said...

happy new year

Sarath said...

happy 2009... so did u really screw ur cat?? i was counting on getting u as a junior....

Bhai with Chai said...

the reasons why you hated 2008 are the ones tat might compel me to hate 2009!