Saturday, February 28, 2009

And so, the story ends...

Apologies for posting this before coming out with the part 2 of Light At The End Of The Tunnel. But, this just had to be posted today.

Life changes so much in just a few months. Sometimes, a few months, is a lot of time. And yet, sometimes when you think of it, those few months would’ve just flown by.

He left by the 9:30 train. She knew it would happen so. What was she expecting for? A miracle? If so, what? She was the reason he had left, and she knew the story was over. Things were back to how it should have been and they were leading their own separate lives. Yet, it felt weird to her, that he was leaving town.
She hoped for something to happen. She didn’t know what, but something! No, she didn’t want things to go back; no, that was silly. But was she happy this way? She was ok. And she knew ok would turn into happy, some day. She thought of all those movies she had seen, where the hero would dash into the railway station, at the last minute and proclaim his love for the heroine, just in time. And she smiled, at the goofiness of her thoughts. Yet, she wished for something to happen. But she knew nothing would.
And nothing did. He left. And she went to the temple nearby, to pray for them to be happy, leading their own separate lives.


Swati said...

and S kicked them both. :|

Divya said...

yes S did :)

Sarath said...

Hmm.. Breakups, seen some; though only from the third person perspective..

Kartz said...

Celluloid life is another world, isn't it..? It is scripted. And you live a dream.

Real life is scripted, too. But you dunno the script. You just act. On impulse.

Ok ok, I stop philosophising with that.

Peace. Be well.

niceguy251 said...


Leaving a lot to one's imagination to fill in the blanks. Engrossing. True of fiction?

Take care

яノςんム said...

umhmmm... that had to end like that.. and she expecting him to dash at last minute was still silly of her :D

w8ing for the missing part..

Bhai with Chai said...

divyaaa.. why why why.
I loved this one... but why why why.. why do people break up?
anyway.. sometimes, the simply written stuff is real complex..


Kartz said...

Blog updated, today (4th). The wrong post is showing up on people's blogrolls/dashboards.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Toonfactory said...

Break ups....they are always painful...but life just goes on...

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Hi Divya, happen to bump into your blog. I first started to read, cos of the lovely pictures and its colorful :), loved the recent post very sensitive and touched me..I was nostalgic, going back to college days....keep writing...

Divya said...

@ sarath
blessed are thou :) but long life ahead nay?

Divya said...

@ kartz
hehehe.. mmm... i didn't quite get what you are getting at there.. but yeah, i agree!

Divya said...

@ niceguy251

:) i wrote it on impulse, felt nice when i did it.
true.. every word.

Divya said...

@ richa
hehe.. yeah i know.. happens sometimes though doesn't it?

Divya said...

@ bhai
arre... kitne dino baad aayi hai!
yes break ups suck :(

Divya said...

@ alok
yep.. it sure does, has to!

Divya said...

@ shruti

thank you :)
lot of people can relate to it i guess.. come again! =)

Kartz said...

Well, I was talking about relationships and how they can seem under *stark* reality.

I know, I was rather abstract. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How is your preparation going on? Good luck!