Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have no idea what was going through my mind when I wrote the following load of crap. But since it is Valentines day and I don't want to be behind the rest of the blogging world in writing something dripping with love and mush and insanity, (don't know about the first two but there's loads of the last one), here I present, what is to follow :P
You swim in a yellow candy floss sea.
You drench in a shower of confetti.
Under a merry green sky above,
the purple waters of the calmest sea
rise in tides and rain over the trees.
While the ice cold sun blazes black and blue,
it melts the rocks into sticky glue
that sticks to you and your muddled mind,
bringing close a world you want to be in
and the crazy world that wont let you in.
You smile at the kid who let the butterfly fly
and watch it zig zag up into the empty sky.
The clouds now they fill the voids above;
Your mind wanders onto things unknown.
And you, caught atop clouds of love,
Wonder, has sanity left you for good?
And with a slight shrug you walk away;
A blissful smile adorning your dreamy face.
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RiverSoul said...

Both poem and pic
Loved 'em

ANWESA said...

yes,sanity has left me 4 gud n i'm in bliss now.lovely words here...

Sarath said...

Happy Valentine's day in advance..

I would really want to be in love once to know about the losing sanity part..

Kartz said...

Someone's being too humble. Crap? :P Huh!

Nice verse there buddy... Interview preparation hasnt hampered ur writing. ;)

V-Day greetings.


अविनाश said...

tastic capture and lovely poem

विनय said...

really good work... best wishes!

गुलाबी कोंपलें

Anonymous said...

Lovely and sweet poem!
really cute:)
thanks for sharing it with us!
Happy valentine's day!

Trinaa said...

u too??? siiiiigh.. :P
niiice poem..but i've seen u do better gal! :)

яノςんム said...

it wasnt insane :D

lovely and mushy yes :)

Divya said...

@ riversoul
thanks sid :)

Divya said...

@ anwesa
you're in love??? awww :)

Divya said...

@ sarath
thanks, wish you the same :)
hehe... i've heard ppl do.. i really don't know!

Divya said...

@ kartz
yeah well, it isn't great you know.. i mean, i just wrote what came to mind and posted it.
happy valentines day to you too :)

Divya said...

thanks avinash :)

Divya said...

thanks you vinay!

Divya said...

hey meera :)
thanks a lot.. happy v-day to you too babe :)

Divya said...

@ trinaa

yep i know :) but hey! i did warn you :P
oh i'm not getting any love, least i can do is write about it :P

Divya said...

@ richa
=D hee hee =D

Trinaa said...

u hv something on my blog..

HP said...

"Wonder, has sanity left you for good?
And with a slight shrug you walk away;"

sooper-dooper-zooper !!!!

AS said...

really touching and high quality liked it :)


comfortably numb said...

insanity...yet every sane mind wants to embrace it...wonder y...magic of love, I guess:)

Diana said...

Good work Divz...

You smile at the kid who let the butterfly fly
and watch it zig zag up into the empty sky.

My fav lines...Happy Valentines Day dear

niceguy251 said...


It is true that any person in love seems crazy to others. It is because that person is in own world most of the time.

Take care

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


n daz my smiley...n im bak 2 yer blog after ages...(i hav turned into a rare species here in blogosphere....hectic schedules...)

ANWESA said...

i'm in luv with ur rhyme dear!!!

Manthan's blog!! said...

haye haye! that was written for me. ;)

boooohhooooooooo :P

haritha said...

hmm...must say gr8 post dear

Divya said...

thanks tinni :)

Divya said...

@ HP
aye thanks ya! :p

Divya said...

@ AS
thank you :)

Divya said...

@ dinana
mine too actually :D
thanks babe.. hope you had a happy valentines day.

Divya said...

@ niceguy251

yep..i guess so.. that's what ppl tell me :P

Divya said...

@ kochu

finally!! thought you had forgotten my url :|

Divya said...

@ anwesa

hehe... thank you thank you =D

Divya said...

@ mandoos

aur kya??? sirf tere liye jaanu! :D :P

lol...yousuckprotonballs! hahahahah! :P

Divya said...

@ haritha
thanks :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I donno which I liked better,the poem or the pic! :)