Saturday, December 12, 2009

The other life.

" Monica: What's that noise you just made?
Chandler: Oh that? That's my work laugh.
Monica: Your work laugh?
Chandler: Yeah, and if you want to survive this party, you'll need to come up with one too.
" Chandler: Okay, I don't sound like some crazed, drunken pirate.
Monica: I know you don't. But work Chandler does! "

From: FRIENDS- The One With Chandler's Work Laugh
Now I have a work laugh too.
And a work talk (no talk rather)
And a work smile.
In fact, I'm living a different person's life at work.
And I have no idea why!
I'm hoping it will change though...

Anyway, Hi! I am Work Divya.
Not an avid blogger apparently. She'll come around. Hopefully, soon.


ANWESA said...

Hello Work Divya!! I'm the same jobless blogger.

Raj said...

i have a 'lecture hall nod and grabbing concepts look.'
and yeah everyone lives a different persons life at work.

and you better let the avid blogger around. :P

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

ormayundo ee mukham? ormakaanill...etrayo blogugal blogumpo ee adiyane engane orkkana ;)

herez a HI after a long time..!!! hope allzright wid de world :)

sawan said...

wud wait for her. u take care of urself till then. and njoi ur work :)

Divya said...

@ anwesa:
that was me 6 months back! it will change sooner than you want it to!

Divya said...

@ raj:
ah.. so chandler and i are not the only ones :P
the 'real world' doesn't feel so great..

Divya said...

@ kochu
ormayunde!! pakshe ivide vannitte kore divasamayi :(
Hi to you too... all is alright with the world indeed!

Divya said...

@ sawan
kind of you :)
and yep, am trying to!

Swati said...

take a jump to weep-ro! then join my dept! :D :D :D

Swati said...

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval?? :O :O

ye kabse?? :O

Jack said...


Nice to see you back after 4 months. One definitely is differend person at work than at home, isn't it?

Take care

Bujji said...

yeah, work makes you such a different my case that is the only relief!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! So did i meet the Work Divya!!!

Divya said...

@ Swati:
yes yes.. that is something to think about ..
and comment moderation ever since i've noticed a lot of spam comments on the blog..

Divya said...

@ Jack:
Thank you :)
and yep, exactly my point..!

Divya said...

@ bujji:
oh! well i'm glad that works for someone! but i'm curious, how?!

Divya said...

@ anonymous:
emm.. is that a question? in that case, how would i know? :P

Vinod R Iyer said...

"I'm hoping it will change soon though"

Nah ..Don't worry .. It will not :)

jhinujha said...

New reader on the block. Nice, random-ish pieces. In FB parlance, I like.

Gauri Mathur said...

Enjoy!! :)