Sunday, November 14, 2010

So high!

Posting this just for the heck of it.

Because I'm so friggin' happy today.

Ad because FB status updates will be gone and forgotten after a while.

And this is a day I don't ever want to forget. Ever. For more reasons than one :)
PS: I love you my darlings :)

PPS: I am so awesome (And this is just so that I don't forget that. Ever again!)

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Jack said...


Nice to see you back and doubly so to know that you are very very happy. Do share what makes you feel this way.

Take care

scorpio82 said...

petals and pebbles....tickling!!you too sound a lot of fun...and thoughts..

Mia said...

Hi Divya

how are you....hope you pen down many more such moments...i am looking forward to read them.

btw i have come back to blogville on the following url