Thursday, March 6, 2008

she.... in blue....

She rises again
as the moonlight glows blue.
Her cry is music,
played for a love that won't come back.
Beautiful her face; fragile her heart.
Broken, it lies in her grave.
Grieving for lost love,
but it wont come back...
Lost for ages in silent solitude.
Her tears frozen in the cold of the night.
Her soul plays the symphony of sorrow,
calling out to lost love but it wont come back...


cherubic_chipmunk said...

er 'tis kinda ironic,all wat u've penned down here,considerin dat u'd dis simply bindaas attitude on orkut...havin said dat,i jus wanna highlight de fact dat de homo-sapien,invariably,has multiple identities n keeps transmogrifying from 1 alter ego 2 another...if dat sounds like a load of trash,then lemme get 2 de bottom line-'tis pretty hard not 2 hero(ine) worship de virtual being(being u) after readin those lines...u cud've given emily dickinson a run 4 her dough had u been her contemporary :)
Ps: If dat sounded like a cheap pick up line,u can very well ignore wat u think wud've been my attitude while writin' it but i'd request u not 2 ignore wat de comment seeks 2 convey...

MAD HAVOC said...

WOW! Dony... There seems to Be An Outright Poet/Writer inside the 'Braces Babe'... Cool.... God U've inspired Me(who hates to read/write) to blog re!... After reading all your blogs, I've become a Fan of yours.. A lil jealous though... But surely a fan.. Keep writing..

Divya said...

@ cherubic_chipmunk
haha!! i knew somebody would ask me this question.. oops.. too late to change my 'abt me' on orkut now :P first of all..thank you so much :) although, that is quite a HUGE compliment and i don't know if i really deserve it but it sure makes me want to jump in the air and shout 'yay' :p forgive me, modesty is such a rare quality after all! now i can only hope i can give a fairly convincing answer. the poem has nothing to do with any personal experience of any sort, it is more like a description of the pic actually. i had really liked the pic and what i gather was the artist's idea behind creating it, i penned down. thats all! and contrary to what most ppl think, i really wouldn't agree that a writer's work is a reflection of his/her own feelings, not always that is! as for the orkut blah... i still stand by it.. i don't understand why ppl think it's cool to sound like a poor dumped love-less soul!! :P

Divya said...

@ maddy..
gee.. thanks re! my fan?? lol lol... ooohhh i'm honoured!! :) thank you!! see... all that glints are not braces!
and sssshhhh... don't make the braces thing public... u see in the virtual world, i like to portray myself as a hot chick with a perfect dazzling smile :P

harish said...

Hi Divya,

Nice poem....too senti not a very english literate person unlike sikes( cherubic_chipmunk), but still u can take my owrd for it, it was a very well written one...

Thanks to sikes for forwardomg the link

Divya said...

thank you :)

kaushik said...

oiii tats a pretty one div..!! wow u can b an outright poet..i love ur choice of words in this particular poem..very strong n precisely emphasizes on the feel which u r trying to express..!!
naiiiiceee dee..!!:) keep going steady..:)

shalabh said... i had this budding poet as my friend all the time.surprisingly the poet is tragedy queen(aka ekta kapoor).poem is excellent but a bit towards the sad time try to be a bit more cheerful md.hope to see more of ur work pretty soon

Divya said...

@ kaushik
thanks :)

@ shalabh
thanks :) but ekta kapoor????? :(
oh dear!
yeah.. i should come up with nice happy posts... i will :)