Friday, March 28, 2008

To You, My Friend

On this very day as I lay back and think of you
and sweet serene memories flood my mind,
I feel a smile spread across my face and I give you
these words that echo the feelings of my heart.
I will not promise you that I’d be there forever.
For we all know that change is never to be never.
For had everything been static and there forever,
we wouldn’t have known it was there at all.
As it is always said and so is it true
that you know how much something is valuable
only when it starts to fade away and slip from your fingers.
Then you know you can’t live without it even if you can’t, with it!
Strange as it may seem, yet you can’t deny it
that it is only then you realize someone’s presence in the world
and how much they’ve always filled your heart with pleasure
when in a solitary mood, their absence pricks you.
So, I say my friend; let’s not think of the time to come
when, who knows, where you and I would end up.
Let’s make most of the time we have now
and forever cherish these moments together.
One day, not long from now, we may not know each other
but forget each other we definitely will not ‘cause
isn’t it always, that what’s hard to get and what you don’t get
remains eternally with you, in your heart.


cherubic_chipmunk said...

Ahem...Some1's gettin mushy :) perphectly understandable though...n as 4 ur lines-profound as always(didja kno how de iambic pentameter is used while pennin 'em down btw?u cud've kinda modified de piece 2 suit dat style but yea,as long as 'tis good y bother abt de purists?)...more comments 2 follow after i understand it fully..philaal itna hi :)

Divya said...

heee :D err.. yep yep!!this is something i had written for a dear dear special friend a long time back..:) i dunno the technicalities of the iambic pentameter (if i may call it that) in fact honestly i don't really get the penta part :P there is an obvious flow and rhythm when you read lines that have been written in that style but penta?? its all just rhyming for the commoner like me! and i don't know much about the rules of poetry.. reason why i think stuff i write are amateur.

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Amateurish mayb but certainly not de work of a novice...i can vouch 4 that...but tel ya wat,samuel coleridge actually thought 'the rime of the ancient mariner' was way too amateurish n had apparently vowed not 2 have it did liz browning...i hope wat i'd said aint touched a wrong nerve-if it did then think of it as third rate armchair criticism n ignore it...

manthan said...

okay, i actually read this one :)
n it is soo true!!

touchy mushy n senti :) totally my type :P

Divya said...

lol.... ooohhhhh yeah!!