Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what a day!!

While everyone has new posts out regarding the new year, i thought i'd bring out a post on the best day of my life.. my birthday!!!
and what wow fun it was this year,,..
i got THREE separate birthday parties!!! yay!!!
i want to thank all you nice people for dropping in your wishes... mmmuah!! and a big hug :D
and i want to thank kartz for sending me thisand also picking out this adorable teddy...

thank you soooo much karthi :) a HUGE thanks and hug :D

thank you niceguy251 for being such a darling and sending me a beautiful card. That was such a lovely gesture.. thank you ever so much!

and of course, my dear friend Vinay. Thank you for being such a sweetheart and posting this on CK.. i LOVED the poem... this is one the sweetest things anyone has done for me.. i can't thank you enough!

and there are so many other lovely people in the world i want to thank.. i dont want to miss out on anyone here.
rohit, megha, shilpa, swati, geri, shvetha, brindha, unni, vishnu.. you guys made my day extra special... what would i do without you?? love you.. ooommmah!!! also, arvind for wishing me almost everyday the whole of december :P aye... i like you so much ya! :D big hug to you too..
and also, my family, the bestest family in the whole wide world.. without doubt! ]
undoubtedly, i'm the luckiset prson in the whole universe (nope.. you guys dare not argue! :P)
anyway, here's thanking all of you for wishing me luck and love.. THANK YOU!
and this is for you :)


Kartz said...

It is but our pleasure. Glad to hear you had a memorable day. And that's some cake! :) Gratias...

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours...


Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Hoping that cake was more physical and less pictorial... :)

Twisted Elegance.... said...

When is your birthday?


Happy Birthday!

Happy new year!

Happy Diwali!

CяystąL said...

SHIT! I hate you for putting up the picture of sucha delicious cake. BHOOK LAGI HAI! :(

But anyway...looads of love to you,babiieee..main bhi tere ko gift bhejti if I had to or three pics of you..but don't worry..abhi aur bhi "tomorrrows" hai ;)..
just to tell you..the word verifiction word I got was--->FACKE! :D

Trinaa said...

happpppppppy birthday once again pretty woman..parcel my cake soon! :D

Richa said...

happy b;lated bday sweets n the cake is yummm :D

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Belated birthday wishes sweetie!I am glad you had such a good time :)

God Bless You!


Sarath said...

belated happy birthday maam..