Saturday, December 6, 2008


and after that looooong hibernation i have finally decided to scramble out of my big lazy burrow. so here's a very energetic HELLLLLOOOO!!! 
before i post anything i want to thank bhai (with that glass of delicious milky cut chai!), vinay, kartz, princess mia, arvind and trinaa for missing me and checking my blog for updates. here's a big hug coming your way for not forgetting me.... thank you!!!!!!
i have been really restless, irritated and irate of late due to innumerbale reasons and was hit by an unfortunate bout of blogger's block (:O tch tch tch!). poor me? yes i agree!
anyway... i knew i had to get back to blogging to keep myself busy.. so here i am.. (yay!!) and i'm sorry i'm out of date with all your blogs. will start reading everything i missed out on.. promise!
will post something tonight :)
(PS: can you get extra glasses of chai when you come, bhai? ;) 


Anonymous said...

divvy is back!! :) :)

and she gonna read every post she missed out on mine?? :P
hope so!! :)

and more cheerful posts dear... dont let ur tiredness reflect on ur blogging too!! :)


Divya said...

yes yes.. i will asap!!
and sure i'll try no to :)

Think Tank said...

Divya! I thought i'd lost ur blog ..thank God u r back least somebody is cming back instead of going away

Kartz said...

An equally energetic "HELLLLLOOOO!!!" to you too. Nice to have you back 'ere.

Hope all is well. *hugs back*


Heh heh heh, you sure have a lot to read up. See what happens when you stay off for so long? ;) Ok ok, I'm not rubbing salt... *grins*

Peace. Have a lovely weekend.

Richa said...

o thank god u r back..

have missed ya.. so wher have u been?? get back with updates soon.. :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

welcome back! sad you had a writers block but come oout of it now and post twice as regularly! :D

Rajesh said...

Welcome back...I was back at blogger last week with a similar title Hello...but not this big (hellloooooo!!!)

Lol...nice 2 c u back here...

Divya said...

@ think tank
yes yes i had to come back!

Divya said...

@ kartz

aaah... clever clever!

Divya said...

@ richa
awww.. makes me fee so nice :D
been busy with a couple of then i realized nothing was gonna strike until i started writing and blogging again so here i am! :)

Divya said...

@ harini

hehe.. i shall sure try!!

Divya said...

@ rajesh
thank you :)
feels nice to be back!

Kartz said...

:) Clever me... :P

Bhai with Chai said...

divyaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
tere liye chai kya?.. bhai haazir hai!!

*a lil busy.. but I'll come again within a day!*

Divya said...

@ bhai

good good :)
and better come back! :P