Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OH MY GAWD!! she's size ZerO!!

This is a post I should’ve posted ages back, but well I didn’t, out of fear that my close friends would call me a hypocrite. And now I thought I should. So here it is!

It was a fine Saturday morning. I wake up to the birds chirping, sun shining, coffee brewing, a nice smell ensuing, etc etc etc and I pick up the paper. As always, I throw away the main Hindu paper and spread the Weekend section in front of me to catch up on the latest Bollywood/Hollywood gossip. Lo and behold! The main story there is ‘Kareena Kapoor has attained size zero (taaliyan taaliyan!!). Personally I thought she looked horribly anorexic in the pic (apologies to all Kareena Kapoor fans but anorexic is a polite term I’ve used. The precise reaction that my brother gave after seeing the pic, if I remember right, was eeeugh!!) And of course, there was an entire write up dedicated to lolo’s or bebo’s or bimbo’s, or whatever that is she is called, feat. Bravo. Very nice.
And then, sometime later I was watching TV and I came across a very interesting report in one of the leading news channels (darn it, I don’t remember which one it was, would’ve loved to shred the channel’s name and reputation into tiny shreds of parched meat like pieces :P ) . Yeah so well they were excitedly talking about a movie to be released, Tashan (if they had known what an outrageous flop the movie was to be, I’m sure they wouldn’t have wasted so much time on it… or perhaps, going by the present state of news channels, they still would’ve!). And what were the two most important things they were discussing about the movie? 1. Kareena Kapoor’s new vital statistics. 2. Kareena Kapoor- Saif Ali Khan relationship. Wow! I would love to comment on point #2 but that would be digressing from the topic, so we’ll come back to oh-so-thin Kareena’s new size. The protagonist was gushing and blushing and basking in the glory of numerous compliments that were being bestowed on her by the pathetic host, fans, viewers and some ‘inside’ Bollywood people who had (surprise surprise!) to comment on something as dumba-dumb-dumb as this. And all this while, she looked like she was going to drop dead the next minute.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Kareena Kapoor. My fury is directed against all those people who are promoters of the size zero bandwagon. Pick up any issue of any woman’s magazine, and I assure you there will be at least one article on how to look sexy/glamorous/thin. Not fit, thin. Yes, I plead guilty; I’m one of those numerous people who are affected by the get-thin-to-look-good propaganda. No I am not thin. I know I’m not fat as per the norms of fat (as my friends have tried to tell me in vain) but in a world crazed by the size zero phenomenon, I’m obese :|   and that fact has not been a very comforting one. I may have been a good student at school, a good friend, a kind person, and have had numerous virtues but in a world obsessed with getting thin and looking fab, I was a loser. And trust me; I’m not alone in thinking so. I have known girls who were way worse than I was and who took this very seriously- slimming pills, crash dieting and going to gym till your body cannot take the stress any longer- all this is not new to any one. Most of them are very pretty girls, but God decided to let them have some meat on their bones, (oh no!). Seriously, so what’s the big hullabaloo about? 
Media, as always the culprit, and fashion shows have tampered with the definition of good looking so badly that it is no longer what it used to be. Good looking implies being in shape. And if that shape happens to be anything other than an hourglass shape- oops... you’re out! Staying fit, which doesn’t imply getting rid of all that is fleshy from your body, is a forgotten concept. Yes, I agree one has to look good when in show biz, but why the brouhaha about the size? I mean, I had never thought Kareena Kapoor was fat in the past, if anything, she looked better then! The heroines of yesteryears weren’t size zero, and well they looked far better than our present day heroines. So what’s my point? That the obsession with the whole size zero thing must stop. Not everyone is born a model, hell that’s why they are models! So Kareena Kapoor slimmed down- why the fuss? It’s not like she invented a machine that will blow up all terrorist camps with one click of a mouse (now THAT would be worthy of some fuss). If the present day media (and youth) stopped giving so much attention to looks and focussed more on basic intelligence, fitness, general awareness and overall development, we’d probably have a more informed generation next (that knows that our president is not Sonia Gandhi and that Bihar is not the capital of Uttar Pradesh and that Madras is not another name for South India, which is again, not a state), which is by all means a better thing than to have a circus of stick thin, weak anorexic women (and men too, wanting to look muscled up and beefy).
On that note, I’m going to have a cheese pizza and a chocolate ice cream.
(and to all those people who accuse Vidya Balan of being fat, screw you!)
Pic courtesy : bestpicsaround


Vinz aka Vinu said...


i always wonder why these girls or women are going for zero totally drains out the beauty of 'woman'... more than that i feel its very stupid of them to think that its the best shape.....

one thing is there...i feel only those who are in glam world can afford to have such things..who will be always having one personal assistant to do their other works... i bet they cant be strong as normal women are...

great that someone had spoken her mind... :)

down down size zero...!!

muZer.. :-) said...

Oh! i m in agreement wid u in toto.. i don't understand da fuss n big deal abt da size sero.. n yeaa even i didnt like Kareena an ounce in Tashan..

i dnt say tat being fat is da way to go but one shud feel comfortable n happy wid one's body weight n not brood ovr for being a size zero! itzz weird sum girls go to crazy xtent in order to lose weight.. n in da bargain r prone to diseases!

Trinaa said...

ROFL+L+L+L+L+L...kareena looks like a toohpick..n dont even talk abt tashan..i saw that movie 1st day 1st show(!!) n by god everytime d cam showed a closeup of that woman i literally flinched!

btw i do need to lose not to become size zero bt to become a size that can fit into human clothes. pich..i currently reside in tents coz of all d hoggin i've been doin since oct..dammit! :((((((

Trinaa said...


Anonymous said...

dearest divvy...
if rofl had a thousand L's still it would be short of the time i laughed reading this post of urs...!!

u may not hate kareena... but i am not u!! :D i hate that toothpick...!! even if tashan was given 6 stars, i wont have gone for it...!! frankly the only movie i liked of hers was k3g...!! :D

good way to speak ur mind, and may god kill the size 0 revolution!! :D

and u better share that cheese pizza with me, mind it!! :D :D i am the biggest fan of cheese pizza in the world!! :D

Richa said...


so u r finally out with the size zero post u have been talkin about :D

yeah, i despise the size zero, more than anyone else not juz cuz i am nowhere near thin, but also cuz, size zero ppl look like malnutritioned ppl who come from Somalia or some famine struck third world country... they bring a bad name to their 'khate peete' families..

i guess another 2-3 kilograms, n kareena shall be invisible (plz god! let her lose ven more) :D

moreover, there r numerous delicasies in the world, n how can they even risk starving themselves- not juz risk, but how can they affoard to miss food man!! i mean we got only one life!!!

yeah agreed totally, The fashion magazines promote 'low-self-esteem'.
normal ppl in the world are not size zero..

click here to read wat i wrote bout the similar thing wen u went invisible for a few days :D

CяystąL said...

Oye..Vidya Balan is fat =P..
And *droool* at the pizza and stuff..shit yar =X
And oh yes..I agree with you..I hate the so-not-needed fuss over Ms.Kapoor's zero figure..and you know something? according to scientists n people..there ain't anything called a zero size figure actually existing.. and be fat or thing..who cares..just remain rocking ;)

niceguy251 said...


Visiting after a gap. Woman of Today was very good. Story about Afzal was nicely built up. Keep writing. Zero figure. LOL. Media goes crazy on silly things.

Have you visited me?

Take care

ANWESA said...

heard dat she's lost her size zero 4 anoder movie where she ought 2 luk a bit "fatter".thanx 2 paparazzi...

HP said...

hurray to whatever my size is ! and i assure u its nowhere near zero. at least i dont have to worry about losing my size zero when i'm eating yummilicious food :D

and kareena did look better earlier!

and hurray for all us sensible girls who don't believe anorexia is in !

Divya said...

@ vinz
hey! long time.. glad to see you're back again :)
right said there.. only the glam world femmes can afford to stay so, plus they're paid for that.. so guess the sacrifices become sweeter :P :P

Divya said...

@ muZer

exactly, like i said.. being fit is what is requires, not thin!

Divya said...

trinaa baby!! :D I lou calling you that :P

toothpick.. haha! i liketh :P

psst... exactly why i mentioned my friends would call me a hypocrite in the beginning.. i'm always on numerous 'oh no mein moti ho gayi :(' rants... but then again, mein sach hi bolti hoon :(

Divya said...

haha thanks vinay :)

oh you better go get your own cheese pizza, sharing is a banned word when it comes to chocolates and pizza :D

Divya said...

@ richa

yesssss!! i finally have vented out my hidden fury (and a teensy weensy bit of jealousy :P)

i see that kareena kapoor has many fellow haters.. cheers!! :D

and thanks for supporting me on the woman's magazine part.. i'm tired of seeing numerous thin models talk about how to live the glam fab life.. hell they're stinking rich, famous and already thin! bah!

Divya said...

@ crystal

haw haw haw!!
how could you????! :(

yeah she's not your typical model thin kinds...but woh kitni sundar hai!! one of the best looking actresses around!

Divya said...

@ niceguy251

thanks a lot dude!
yeah, media does have a thing for nonsensical things eh?

Divya said...

@ anwesa

all that hubbub for nothing??? haha!!

Divya said...

yes HP.. hurray hurray!!!

Rakesh said...

me agaisnt size zero :-D

lukkydivz said...


oh my gawd... I AM SIZE ZERO


and know what? am called a 'stick' by some people :D totally agree with ur views..thin is NOT in :D

on that note..even am gonna have loads of ice cream today ;)

they still dont help though :(

Divya said...

@ rakesh
way to go!

Divya said...

@ lukkydivz
err.. *gulp* :P

naaa.. but thats the way you are! course, thin has its own advantages!

RiverSoul said...

I would call them all Buleimic and anorexic!!
Ha ha
Nice post

Kartz said...

Something awaits your ladyship here...

Will come back to comment. Promise! And yeah, blog updated. :)

Divya said...

thank you sid :)

Divya said...

thanks a lot kartz!! :D

looking fwd to your comments!

lol, 'your ladyship'... i'm kinda getting used to that title.. i liketh ;)

divinediu said...

How was your pizza?

I had half a litre of chocolate icecream today. :D

Kareena looks horrid in this avtaar.

The texture has gone from her hair. Her eyes look sunken. her head looks out of proportion for her body. Her legs look like a 11 year olds.


I find her repulsive now.

Priyanka looks hot.

Size zero is over hyped.

Divya said...

hahahaha!! damn i should link the post with your comment.. lol.. yeah.. kareena bleh!
and priyanka looks, hamna-hamna-hamna hot!!! :P

Divya said...

and the pizza??? as always, yummmmmy!! i mean its PIZZA!!!

Kartz said...

I'm not a movie buff... And I'm hardly bothered by the feats a freak like Kareena achieves. Ugh! I hate her *gawk!*

For one thing, I prefer letting people do what they want as long as their nonsense does not affect me in anyway. Though, there is the odd moment when I wonder why ppl tend to be overtly obsessed with the thin-factor et al.

Was reading an article the other day... Girls take to smoking to reduce weight. Nicotine helps negate hunger-pangs... Wow... Talk of remedies!

And a Ms. Balan fan here! :)

Heh heh heh... See? I read your mind. :) And nothing kind about it buddy. I spoke plain fact. Period.

Well, I did not note it from your blog milady. Rather, I noted it from your email address. Are MD your initials? Or is it just M? Correct me pronto...

Blog updated but *none* of the blogrolls are displaying so. Forgive the blatant canvassing...


Divya said...

YES! another kareena hater.. this is so good! :P
hmmm.. isn't vidya balan gorgeous?? :)
speaking of taking drugs to shed weight, i happened to see this movie, 'requiem for a dream' recently. loved the movie. it shows one similar case. very well taken.

it's just m divya. that's the official name. and so ppl call me md.

Divya said...

haha!! the canvassing is perfectly alright sir.. after all, we all want ppl to read our blogs, isn't that the whole point of it?

divinediu said...

Divya.........have a nice day.


Do well in your exam tomorrow.

Kartz said...

I prefer a stronger word... Say - loathe, detest, etc... Hate is a terrible understatement!

I find Vidya Balan homely... Love her smile, above anything else.

As I said, I'm not a movie buff buddy. It's rare I watch any. So, not surprising that I haven't even heard of that movie you just mentioned. :p

Name noted. From your email, I presumed they were your initials. Will correct it pronto.

Indeed... We do want readers. But I don't want to lose any of the present crop! :)

Exam kya? Bonne chance!

Peace. Have a nice day.

nefariousoutlook said...

well it might be fashion..but dont really find why size zero and all is a big craze.. guess just because famous personalities have got into it , it is leading to so much discussion

Divya said...

thank you :)

Divya said...

@ kartz
not to worry sir.. i'm a regular reader of your blog, if only the blog roll would update!

Divya said...

@ nefariousoutlook

who knows what goes on in the head of mindless ppl??

Kartz said...

Alas, it doesn't seem to! x( Me angry!

:) I oh-so appreciate your readership milady!

sir SCJP? :D Arre yaar, my clearing it was mandatory. Else I would have been given the pink slip before I could see the inside of my to-be office! ;)

Heh heh heh... Both may have depicted fury - as I said; scorching ice and congealing flame... Ne'er fear whilst I'm 'ere! :)

SwAThi.... said...

I totally agree... Kareena's superwoman feat of going to size 0 has taken more space in all the glossy magzines than her acting career ever did... And its pathetic that they are printing "Cover stories" on how to achieve it...

But i do think Vidya although gorgeous, can shed some weight...After all its glam world..

Divya said...

@ kartz

yes yes.. I can imagine how irritating it'd be.. i'll keep checking. promise!

Divya said...

@ swathi

oh well..damn.. yeah maybe a leeettle bit, yeah.. but still she looks wow! =D
heck, better than kareena and her thin brigade any given day!

karen13 said...

As someone whose friends always say... oh you have a pretty face... if you just lost some weight..., you can see that you've way better off...


I'd prefer Vidya Balan over Kareena Kapoor any day!!!

We used to call her chapathi but I like toothpick more!

Rajesh said...

Kareena looked jus great in Yeh Mera Dil (Don)....i feel she cant get better than that...Golmaaal returns was good too..

gotta w8 n see if this size zero thing will make her any better...

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Girl that was the best write-up I have read of late!

I used to be a bigtime Bebo fan,but after Tashan I changed my mind.As for size zero,it's a crazy concept,not to mention dangerous to health.

As for the knowledge our generation X has about our own country,lol :P

And no,Vidya Balan ain't fat! :)

Divya said...

@ karen
hello :D

hee hee.. welcome to the club.. *same pinch* :P

Divya said...

@ rajesh
our first kareena fan here!
size zero can do good? c'mon, she'll vanish if she reduces any further! :O

Divya said...

@ sameera

thankoo ji :D
yeaaaahhh!!! my friend swati and i keep discussing about the current zilch level of basic awareness amongst the youth now.. tch tch :(

Sarath said...

I am currently following the size double zero fad... where the person looks like one zero put on top of a bigger zero.. with the rate with I am eating...

advance happy b'day.. my b'day too was just last week

Divya said...

lol!! good one :P
and thanks a lot :)
belated happy birthday to you!!