Monday, December 22, 2008

yay yay YAAAAAY!!!

first off, his highness kartz ;)  passed on this award to me.. yay yay!! thankooskoos :D =D

i'm keeping this one to myself :P  
cuz i'm in a selfish selfish mood!
cuz i'm damn damn happy!!
cuz it's december!!

and my friends came over a few days back and gave me a surprise advanced birthday party(YAY YAY!) .. so that i can celebrate my birthday throughout the month.
is that cool or what?? yay yay yaaaaay!!! i'm so so happy :D

 Tis' the season to be merry :D indeed!!

Update: stupid of me to not have mentioned... birthday's on the 30th.. yippeee!!! :D


pisku said...

Advanced wishes :)
Indeed, its the season to be merry !

Trinaa said...

advance happy wala budday ji..n congo n d award!! yayyyyyiii :D

HP said...


kab hai budday ?

i want cake !!

Happy birthday !! :D

Kartz said...

Warm greetings on her ladyship's birth anniversary (in advance) !

Woohoo... So, a wonderful surprise to start the month, eh? Happy birth-month milady! ;)

Humein bhi zara date bataiye. Ek saath manaaenge. :)

And well, you are very welcome. I understand your thrill on receiving that *particular* award. Needless to say, you deserve it.

Season's greetings to you and all your family.

Peace. Be well.

Richa said...



congos buddy :D

n happy to u in advance..
n wen is it actually???'

divinediu said...


I loved the smiley on the cake.

That is such a cute thing to do, na?


Happy birth month, hon.

CяystąL said...

When is your birthday, precisely? :O

Me wants cake !:D

Merry X'mas!

Rajesh said...

Advance B'day wishes!!! Have a Blast!!!

Divya said...

Thank you everyone :D
again, yay yay yay!!!

birthday's on 30th dec... don't forget to wish me again :P

Divya said...

@ kartz
season's greetings to you too :)

and thanks again =)

Divya said...

lol, i'll send cake over too :P

Divya said...

@ divinediu

I KNOW!!! isn't it??? :D

hugs right back to you too :)

RiverSoul said...

Happy Wappy Budday
Me drooling all over my keypad lookin at dat delicious Cake
Yea. Will come back to wish you on 30th too

As you wish
Pun intended

Rakesh said...

advance wishes

Thenraj said...

Happy holiday season and B'day buddy..

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Happy Birthday in advance. And yes, gotta admire your friends.

lukkydivz said...

LOL its the first time i've heard of ppl getting cakes for wishing in advance :O wow !! i want one too.. my budday in august though :P

Divya said...

thanks again ppl!

Toonfactory said...

Hey there congrats for the award and advance mein B'day wishes...
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :)

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...


Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. May God bless you with a very very Healthy, Happy, Successful, Joyful and Peaceful Life. What date is it on?

Take care

niceguy251 said...


Sorry my comment got posted as from Anonymous.

Take care

Richa said...

u been tagged babeh!! :D

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Congrats on the award dear :)

So sweet of your friends!I am drooling over the cake :P

Happy Birthday in advance.God Bless!

Divya said...

toon factory,
thanks re!
always a pleasure :)

Divya said...

@ niceguy251,
birthday's on the 30th.. updated that on the post!

Divya said...


haan na?? it was a wow delicious cake too :D
thank you thank you :)

muZer.. :-) said...

daa cake is yummiliciousss.. me wantzz a slice.. :-)

uhh ohh,, m late by a day,, WTH.. but pretty mch within da month of bday celebrations,, i guess.. :-)

Happy yaappyy bday,, Divya.. hope u have a wonderful yr aheaddd.. :-)

Divya said...

thank you :D